Our business varies greatly on the change of weather. With the change of seasons, our products change as well.

Fall – firewood, pumpkins, hay,  corn stalks, mums

Winter – Salt, Sand/salt, Ice melt, snow shovels, Christmas Trees

Spring – Mulch, Loam, Compost

Do you know the difference between seasoned and kiln dried firewood? Let us tell you!

We have BOTH types of wood in stock. Delivery is available Mon-Sat.
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  • Cut and split, then left out to dry
  • The sun and wind naturally evaporates the moisture out of the wood
  • 12-18 months of air drying
  • 25%-30% moisture level
  • Can be stored outside, under tarp
Kiln Dried:
  • 10%-20% moisture level
  • The air is controlled in the kiln to circulate the air around the wood which maximizes drying
  • The wood is dried at 180 degrees for about 5-6 days, to reach desired moisture level
  • Must be stored inside garage

Need Loam or Mulch?

Use our handy Loam/Mulch Calculator to figure out just the right amount to order!

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